The entire world is experiencing a global crisis we were unprepared for and everyone is trying to tackle this unfortunate situation in multiple ways. However, at times like these, the manpower required for medical services are limited and insufficient. So, we have created a solution in order to provide assistance to the healthcare personnel, help reduce their burden and to make sure that the right resources are being utilized. We have developed this project in two phases. In phase one, we have designed a website where a user can perform self – diagnostic tests, know about the national as well as the global stats, etc. The preliminary test would be useful for the user to be given an appointment at a hospital. In phase two, the user would be treated by a static kiosk, which would ensure a contactless experience and prevention of unnecessary interactions. Unlike other developed countries, India has limited resources and manpower to treat people. High population and mediocre quality of healthcare are other reasons. Moreover, people live in far-flung areas where health services are not up to mark or within reach. Our project is capable of resolving this issue by giving people an opportunity to test themselves anywhere and anytime. Also, the static kiosk can easily be set up, which has the potential to act as a doctor itself. We are certain that with this project, no person would be neglected from medical care one stands in need of.

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