Context: We are facing a severe economic crisis, with increasing unemployment rates and companies going out of business, while there is a need to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. How can we leverage talents with their unique skills, expertise spread across the globe to stimulate the economy during and after the crisis?

Problem Statement: Promoting entrepreneurship and building solid startup ecosystems are a proven way to sustainably boost economies and create jobs. However, there is a clear imbalance and information gap: In developing countries, where social problems are most apparent, individuals have local market expertise but lack of a supportive startup ecosystem (e.g.funding, mentorship, specialized skills) In developed countries there is a solid startup ecosystem, with experienced talent, accessibility to funding and mentorship. However, individuals willing to solve for high social impact problems often lack the local market insights to truly understand the problem and solve for it. Companies, Governments, industry experts have deep insights into problems but no easy way to mobilize a multiskilled team globally esp. during lockdown. Global collaboration of skilled talents is untapped with no easy way to find global team mates with complimentary skills

Opportunities: Increasing spread of internet connectivity. Working in remote teams has now become the new norm Skilled talents incl. entrepreneurs, mentors, freelancers etc. are sitting idle during lockdown and there is an increased willingness to help solve social problems. Collaborate with physical incubators, currently in lockdown, to digitalize their offering

A Solution: Creating a virtual incubator platform - a one-stop-shop to kickstart and scale viable business by providing an effective virtual experience along the startup lifecycle i.e. from finding the right problem to solve, finding teammates with complimentary skills, gaining access to mentorship, funding and learning resources. Being independent of geography, we can leverage the skilled talents and key players spread across the world and facilitate a global collaboration to solve the most pressing problems with high social impact. There are already similar models already available but there is a lot room for enhancing a lean virtual experience. Especially when thinking of the Northstar e.g. leveraging Machine learning and AI to integrate a matching engine to form multi skilled teams or matching teams to relevant mentors. Or how to seamlessly integrate the funding process.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product): Could be to just focus on one problem along the startup lifecycle e.g. identifying problems to solve for and forming multi skilled teams

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