Music needs a visual representation. We wanted to solve that.

What it does

The Vibe-rater uses a microphone to listen to any song playing and then creates a real-time display of the music's waveform with a display of LEDs. It projects this display over an elegant design.

How we built it

The music response system was built using arduino, an LED strip, and a microphone. The display tower was created with acrylic plexiglass that was sanded to a frosty appearance, connected with steel rods and mounted on a wooden foundation.

Challenges we ran into

The microphone had very poor input quality and sometimes the data it supplied was inadequate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finalizing the project.

What we learned

How to use music and sound with arduino and measure their characteristics. Taking this data and using it to then display different LED results.

What's next for The Vibe-rater

Add more display modes and options.

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