We got inspiration from thinking about AR. At first, we just thought about ideas that can use the AR aspect. Then Alvaro brought the idea of buildings because of his major, we decided on making an app that can help clients find house projects in the safety of their home.

What it does

This app would help people who are unable to leave their homes due to medical reasons or miscellaneous reasons and be able to explore a 3D model of homes, schools, or recreational spaces from the comfort of being indoors. The way of using The Vestibule is by scanning a picture of an architectural model and by scanning it, it converts into a 3D model on your phone without having to download any files or programs. The app uses Unity and Echo 3D to present the architectural buildings in 3D or Augmented Reality (AR).

How we built it

First, we made architectural models on software like Revit or Rhino3D and exported them to Unity where we can use Echo 3D package to present 3D models in augmented reality. We then set the “Target Image”, which later is scanned by the camera to show a 3D/AR view of the architectural buildings. When the target image is scanned by the camera, it identifies the image, and shows its 3D model in augmented reality. We also used Echo3D to generate barcodes so that we can scan the codes to see 3D models.

Challenges we ran into

We had the challenge to use android built in Unity Engine. So we pivoted towards the Echo3D, which was very convenient and easy to use and integrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our models, and the design of the app. We also got the opportunity to use our 3D modeling skills and present these skills using Augmented Reality.

What we learned

We learned that with the power of Echo 3D/Unity, we can make something that can project 3D models of building projects. In doing so, we discovered a safer way for people to look at houses without having to visit the site.

What's next for The Vestibule

Vestibule aims to build an Augmented Reality platform where people can sell and buy properties, and we aim to incorporate AR technology for the convenience of people and provide an interactive platform to architects and real estate agents to showcase their portfolios.

Built With

  • echo3d
  • enscape
  • figma
  • revit
  • rhino3d
  • unity
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