The journey of the Vayua Metaverse began with a simple idea: to popularize Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) by making them more accessible. As a team, we realized that DAOs, despite their fascinating concept and promising decentralized governance, often seemed too complex and intimidating for many users. Now, it's time to discover where all this started.

I became curious about how DAOs could support causes that were important to me. Although I saw great potential, the existing solutions had one problem in common – they were not user-friendly: clunky, lacked engaging interfaces, and used technical language that seemed odd to those not familiar with blockchain technology. After conducting research, brainstorming, and designing, me and my team from Manuvantara developed a platform that I believed could meet various needs and expectations. We spent countless hours refining ideas, testing solutions, and perfecting our prototype. However, there was still something missing – DAOs lacked excitement and vitality. They were simply... boring.

During that time, DAOs were mainly used by technocrats and crypto enthusiasts, making them complex and discouraging the general population from participating. As a team, we at Manuvantara felt responsible for addressing this issue.

Then, one day, I received an email about the Theta Network 2023 Hackathon. The theme of the Hackathon aligned with our goals and seemed like a perfect opportunity to contribute to the network and gain new experiences. Suddenly, I had a realization – what if we could create a metaverse of DAOs? An immersive, interactive environment that could bring life and excitement to DAOs. Imagine a world where users could virtually explore different DAOs, engage with their communities, and participate in governance decisions, all within a vibrant Metaverse. This idea was truly exciting!

That's when the Vayua Metaverse concept was born. I imagined a Metaverse where DAOs were not abstract and intangible entities but dynamic, interactive spaces. The potential of this concept was enormous. It had the power to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with DAOs. This was our chance to make DAOs accessible, thrilling, and engaging for everyone.

Motivated by this newfound inspiration, we at Manuvantara began the journey of turning this daring idea into a reality.

What It Does

I got right to work, penning down the core ideas and components that would form the Vayua Metaverse:

The core part of the project is the Vayua Platform. It serves as the foundation, facilitating the creation, management, and interaction with DAOs. Users can establish DAOs, make governance decisions, and connect with other DAO communities.

The Vayua Identity is a personalized solution that allows users to represent themselves within the Metaverse. It creates a decentralized profile, encouraging individuality while preserving privacy.

The Vayua Wizard is designed to ease the process of setting up a DAO. It guides users step by step, eliminating the complexities of the process. Our vision for the Wizard is for it to evolve into a DAO-specific AI assistant, akin to OpenAI's ChatGPT but for DAOs.

In the future, the Vayua Metaverse will allow users to buy and own land for their DAOs. I also aim to create the Vayua Marketplace to facilitate the trade and resale of extensions, thus creating an economic system within the Metaverse.

Our governance system, Vayua DAO, will ensure the platform stays dedicated to the principles of decentralization. Governed by token holders, the Vayua DAO will be responsible for voting on new ideas, extensions, and developments.

How We Built It

Building the Vayua Metaverse was a journey filled with exploration, iteration, and continuous learning. We started with the design and architecture of the Vayua Platform, taking into account its core role in the entire ecosystem. We focused on an intuitive and user-friendly interface, putting non-technical users at the forefront of my design philosophy.

Next, we developed the Vayua Identity, a vital component that allows users to create and manage their decentralized profiles. With a focus on personalization and privacy, we implemented robust encryption measures and allowed a high degree of customizability.

Finally, the Vayua Wizard was a project within a project. The goal was to simplify the process of creating a DAO. We experimented with various UI/UX designs, workflows, and features until we landed on a version that made DAO creation as straightforward as possible.

Challenges We Ran Into

Despite my strong start, we faced several challenges. Designing an intuitive and user-friendly UI without a dedicated design team was one of the major pain points. We had to juggle between development and design, often going back and forth on decisions.

Working with the Governor standard from OpenZeppelin presented another challenge. The lack of support for proposal listings and some design decisions within the standard created obstacles in our development process. It required us to brainstorm and implement workarounds to provide the functionality we desired.

What we learned

Throughout the hackathon we surely learned a lot of valuable lessons.

The first one and the most important one - one always has to adapt to the circumstances to cope with emerging difficulties. Even though we had a thorough plan on what we want to build during the hackathon, the difference between what we envisioned and what we got at the end of the day is huge. Due to temporary restrictions, technical difficulties and misunderstanding of some concepts we had to change our course completely, but the result we got is even better than we intended it to be.

The second lesson we learned was the importance of efficient time management. Despite building what we wanted, we realized we could have used our development time more effectively. During the last stages of development, we learned to prioritize tasks, seek for feedback, and automate processes to optimize productivity and achieve better results.

The third and most important lesson is the importance of the communication inside the team. Sometimes, because of the lack of communication, we could not agree on what should be done or what should be improved, or even didn’t do something we intended to do. We realized, that it’s was the rock on which we split. We decided to tackle this problem and communicate as much as possible, as well as keep more friendly and soothing vibe in the team. This led to us working much more effectively together and getting the things done much quicker and better.

What's next for The Vayua Metaverse

May 2023 - July 2023

  • Mainnet Launch: Vayua 1.0
  • VYA Token DEX & CEX Listings
  • Testnet Launch: Vayua Extensions

August 2023 - October 2023

  • Testnet Launch: Vayua Marketplace
  • Testnet Launch: Vayua Metaverse
  • Beta Test Launch: Vayua 2.0

November 2023 - January 2024

  • Mainnet Launch: Vayua Extensions
  • Mainnet Launch: Vayua Marketplace
  • Mainnet Launch: Vayua Metaverse
  • Mainnet Launch: Vayua 2.0 Launch

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