There needs to be an easier more attractive way to acquire data from users

What it does

Use chatbot api of line to send questionnaires to the right target customers. After completed the questionnaires, users earns points and ranks, and they will receive long-term benefits from the companies and also can redeem their points for their interested rewards

How I built it

  • Heroku
  • Aws
  • line-bot-sdk-python
  • Python 3.4

Challenges I ran into

  • Not enough times to build our web platforms, line api doesn't support fully messaging functions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1st time built chatbot

What I learned

chatbot will be an interesting and powerful platform in the fulture

What's next for The Vagabond - SurveyDD

  • Enable big data analytics functions
  • Dashboard
  • Rewarding system
  • Ranking system

Built With

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