The universe of League of Legends heavily inspired this project, we wanted to provide a similar immersive experience to the players of Fallout4.

What it does

  • This website allows Fallout4 fans to research and browse the hidden stories behind the characters and locations of Fallout4. This website is used to create an organized and immersive environment that allows for easy user navigation.

How we built it

  • This Website was built using HTML and CSS on the IDE "Visual Studio Code".

Challenges we ran into

  • Some Challenges while creating this website was the time constraint placed upon us. There were many aesthetic changes that we wanted to add but could not due to the limited time. Another challenge was learning HTML and CSS in the short time given. My teammate and I had little to no experience in HTML and CSS before this event so this project served as not only a challenge, but a learning experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • An aesthetically pleasing webpage that is easy to navigate.
  • We did what we set out to do, to create a website dedicated to exploring Fallout4 lore.

What we learned

  • Understanding the uses and specifications of HTML and CSS
  • How to design a webpage
  • How to use Github. ## What's next for The Universe of Fallout4
  • Adding DLC Characters, factions, and more locations
  • Adding modded characters, factions, and locations
  • Adding aesthetic accommodations

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