Memories of asking my friends to help me da bao.

How it works

The Universal Tactboard is a platform specifically created to encourage social giving and receiving within a local community. Each time you give to someone on the Universal Tactboard, you will earn a point from that person. You can then use this point to receive something in return from other people on the platform. This serves as the social currency for giving and receiving, and gives people the incentive to help others.

Challenges I ran into

Working by myself. My teammate chose DotA over this :'(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a fully functional iOS app within 20 hours!

What I learned

Parse and iOS APIs

What's next for The Universal Tactboard

Peer to peer messaging, public likes, sharing on social networking sites, machine learning (shows people requests which they are most likely to offer help to)

Built With

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