The inspiration came from my own experience of not having enough resources and information when deciding whether or not to do a unit. I also found that throughout my university experience I have found that there are many students who have resources, experience and knowledge who would happily help others with their own university experience.

What it does

This website is designed to hold information for units with the main information type currently being: resources (inc. links, book name, etc), unit information, unit reviews and contacts to students who have done the unit or have information about it. The idea behind the website is for a user to log in, and be able to access this information and also be able to contribute to reviews, resources and etc.

How we built it

The website was built using HTML and CSS using editor.

Challenges we ran into

Currently the log in function still does not work properly as there were issues regarding linking pages. Another thing I struggled with was adequately fitting in images after I had designed the site, so the site currently looks very plain. In future I would like to learn more JS as I believe that would have been very helpful when designing some of the website features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of what I achieved given that I have no prior coding experience and that this is my first time designing a website purely using HTML and CSS. Though not all the functions work I still feel I achieved a lot and the end result looks quite alright as well.

What we learned

I learned a lot about HTML and CSS coding. I also learned a lot about how much coding work actually goes into making a website look good as well as functional.

What's next for The UniT Guide

Following the proper website design, a mobile app design would also be good as many university students currently use mobile apps more than website. Expanding the website to contain more than one university worth of units. Allowing the website to take student input and potentially fill in the data base of subjects that way.

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