In terms of inspiration our site is the result of us trying to tackles the many problems of quarantine life all together. The theme was actually inspired from a TikTok video found by one of us who developed a TikTok addiction like many of us during the pandemic.

What it does

We present to you the ultimate guide to WFH 101! A go-to place for WFH users to stay organised, busy, active and in touch with your mental health throughout this heck of a year. From organisation, and self-care tips, recipes, workout videos and other things to keep yourself entertained at home, we also have a forum to connect with like-minded people, discuss common issues and be informed through articles.

How we built it

We used Wix as a platform to bring our storyboard to life. We first drew up plans and prototypes in Miro and then proceeded to collaborate on Wix (one person at a time) to build up the website.

Challenges we ran into

Our major challenge that we had was trying to work collaboratively on a web editor that did not enable multiple people to work on it at once.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the project done in time, and our amazing coordination that allowed for smooth collaboration and teamwork when deciding who's time it was to edit the website, and who would write the script, record videos, etc...

What we learned

We learnt that they don't necessarily need technical skills to make an equally functional and usable website. As designers, we like to see our creation and ideas come to life without the learning curve of programming.

What's next for The Ultimate Guide to WFH 101

We would like to make an accounts system where users are able to register for an account and use that account to talk in the forums.

Our Planning Space

Coddesses Miro Board

Built With

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