Often times it happens that we visit a new country or a city and we have so many activities planned throughout the day already that we don't have more than a few hours to spare for a short spontaneous museum tour.

What it does

Our project idea is of an interactive chat guide bot that asks you a series of questions and sub-questions, mostly about how much time you have - to spare, your area of interest, your favourite artists etc. and recommends you a route through the museum that would suit you the most.

It can also answer any further questions you might have on certain artifacts, art piece and if you need further assistance it would put you through to the museum support staff.

How we plan to build it

We want to keep it web-based for easy usability. We plan to use Bootstrap framework for the UI and UX and python for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of available online maps from museums for testing our bot.

What's next for The Ultimate Guide Bot

Add a bit of humour and quirks to the bot to keep the interactions fun and engaging.

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