The ultimate doorbell has four features that set it apart from other doorbells. First, a light near the top of the display can be set to one of three colors: red indicates that the door owner is out, green indicates the owner is in, and blue indicates the owner is out but will be back soon. This LED is controlled via bluetooth by the owner. Second, a button on the display allows visitors to shoot the owner a text message, assuming the owner is out, that lets the owner know someone visited the door. Third, a button on the display can be pressed to emit an authentic doorbell noise from attached speakers. Finally, an accelerometer on the door display changes the colors of an LED as the door moves.


This doorbell is the doorbell of the future. No longer will college students have to knock awkwardly on a door simply to see if their friend is home. The ultimate doorbell saves time, resources, and improves the overall doorbell experience.

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