We want to help Sunderland City Council be the UK's most water efficient council - the UK's first Smart Water City.

Currently: There is no system integration – utility data and council data are not combined. Visibility is an issue – lack of rich, human accessible information. Operational issues are not highlighted as quickly as they could be and energy managers require genuine insight and intelligent prioritisation, live alerts and easy to digest data.

Goals: Improve efficiency – You can only measure what you can see Work in partnership with sites (or in reality customers) to save water and money, and protect the environment. Educate building managers, business managers, caretakers and end-users by providing better and more accessible information and advice through harmonised data. Promote awareness and measure the success of water-saving initiatives. Facilitate investment to help organisations make further savings in their water use and their bills.

Approach: Develop an application that provides visibility of usage patterns and problems to help improve operational efficiency and save money. Dashboards and visualisations of the data – including smart site health ratings and intelligent prioritisation. This takes the data admin load away from staff and allows them identify smart strategies that are proactive rather than reactive. Using gamification to bring site managers and wider stakeholders along with the strategy via a campaign (ultimately multi utility).

We built: One key area we wanted to address was the lack of data availability that had been seen time and time again in council systems. We looked to address this issue by basing our development on top of a high availability RESTful JSON API. This approach will allow us to provide data to the dashboard and to create the poster in near real time, whilst also opening up the data to facilitate future hackathons, to aid further insight and cost cutting in the future.

We we're able to expand the functionality of the API to provide it's first signs of insight by ranking the best preforming schools. This showed that the newer schools were more energy efficient. Proving investments in new systems are already starting to pay off.

Summary: Visibility and therefore visibility are the major issues You can’t measure what you can’t see Water is the worst but provides biggest opportunity Improve efficiency at top level gamify site level and wrap in campaign

Moving forward: Multi utility – bring data sets together Any site, any style Can be used to validate business investment

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