Our idea was to make a robot that follows a person walking in a straight line, like a duckling following its mother.

What it does

The Ugly Duckling works using a sonar sensor to follow a target in a straight line and adjust its speed depending on distance from the target.

How we built it

The main components are an Arduino Uno, a sonar sensor and a 4-wheel chassis.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges were creating the circuit, making the sensor work and making the motors work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We surprised ourselves by learning how to create a basic robot in under 24 hours with little background knowledge on computer programming or engineering. Despite issues with sections not working simultaneously/together, we are happy to have a project to learn from and build off of.

What we learned

From basic programming to circuity, we started as beginners and taught ourselves how to create a project. We learnt how to target our problems one at a time and solve them using limited resources within a deadline.

What's next for The Ugly Duckling

We hope to build off our idea for The Ugly Duckling.

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