We were inspired by the recent introspection into fast fashion and its impact that has been popularized across social media. Awareness of where your clothes come from is just as important to maintaining an ethical and sustainable lifestyle as anything else.

What it does

Our web app takes a company name and then brings you to a page that lets you know whether or not that company utilizes child labor as well as how environmentally sustainable they are. Users can also use the app via a chrome extension, which retrieves the brand of the website they are on and gives information about the company's practices.

How we built it

We build a simple web app that calls to an API, a chrome extension, as well as a database to neatly display information.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of trouble implementing the ESG API because the way it is built doesn't allow browser scripts and we had to instead call the API through a server, which is something we've never done before.

What we learned

We learned a lot about different API calls given we only had previous experience with simpler ones. We also had to learn about using a server to do API calls and taking that data for use in the HTML.

What's next for The Truth of Fast Fashion

We hope to expand our project to include more brands as well as provide more in-depth information about each individual company.

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