We got inspired by the question: What is the biggest problem in the world? After much thought and discussion, we decided on hunger and environmental preservation. To fight against these problems, we came up with the idea for The Tree Connection.

What it does

Our platform connects people that don't have the means to plant trees with local producers, at this point called growers. With donations from these people, we provide growers with seeds, information, and financial support. Growers may inform us upon registration of what kind of trees they can grow on their land. These may all be fructiferous trees, so they can, later on, have an orchard to feed on. We also have an option for companies to donate larger quantities and make a substantial impact.

How we built it

We built it by first making a mockup of our application with the Marvel App to validate the design and the user experience. Later, we implemented the features using React and Node.js. We weren't able to code all aspects of our platform, but we did validate its feasibility.

Challenges we ran into

This hackathon was a completely new experience for the team, so we struggled with the limited time format. Beyond that, we tried to learn new things during this weekend, which meant a lot of errors and learning along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is very proud of the design and user experience of our application, as well as of the idea we came up with.

What we learned

Our team members have learned a lot during this weekend. Our only developer tried using a frontend framework (React) she was unfamiliar with; our now UX designer had its first experience designing user experience after a lot of theoretical courses that seemed way easier than the reality proved to be.

We also learned a lot more than any of us previously knew about trees.

What's next for The Tree Connection

Our platform is currently focused on the Brazilian reality and local producers, but in the future it could be expanded to other countries (with the challenge of new currencies and tree species).

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