From the moment I began developing Traveler, I knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate Glass into the user experience. Sure, as a techie, it was another gadget and something cool to try out. But, after traveling with 20 students to Europe and Northern Africa for two weeks (they continued on for nearly another 100 days to 20+ countries), the full impact of what wearable technology means for the everyday student was evident - traditional technology simply got in the way and acted as a barrier to all of the amazing sights and wonders they were experiencing. As they used Traveler and their tablets, they witnessed the world through a 10" slab of technology, with the case lid further increasing the footprint.

I wanted Glass to change that. I wanted Glass to capture the world with the sound of their voice or tap of their finger, without pulling out a big bulky tablet, flipping open the cover, launching an app, positioning the camera, tapping out a description, and all of the other steps involved.

The result – a companion app for The Traveler that lives on Glass. Students can truly leave the tablet or phone in their backpacks and capture the world around, completely hands-free.

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