As a group of Chinese-American/international Chinese students, we had a strong affinity for solving a problem related to our heritage, and we quickly realized that there was no bigger current issue than the Coronavirus pandemic. We felt there was a major lack of communication and cooperation between nations to help alleviate this issue; furthermore, donation systems in China are often corrupt and non-transparent with money given to them. These problems combined served as the ultimate inspiration for The Transparency Project.

What it does

The Transparency Project is a website consolidating information on the Coronavirus, with an interactive map tracking medical supply shipments (ex: face masks) to the city of Wuhan, China. Our website's features provide a visualization tool for international aid, additional information and links regarding the Coronavirus, as well as an opportunity to make change through donations.

How we built it

The website was built with HTML and CSS in Visual Studio Code. The interactive map was put together using ArcGIS, Intellij-idea, and SceneBuilder.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some time pressures, but the main source of anxiety came from our lack of knowledge in web development and the programming languages we ended up using. We also had a lot of great ideas that just weren't able to be implemented practically.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project comes from the heart, and it's built upon a previous nonprofit donations group that one of our members was a part of! We believe in bridging the gap of global communication and healthcare inequity by providing a platform for change. The contact information found in our project is an actual way to reach out, ask questions, and donate!

What we learned

Pearls Hacks 2020 was an amazing opportunity for all of the members; among the four of us, we managed to participate in almost all the workshops offered, and pulled an all-nighter learning new programming languages while completing our project.

What's next for The Transparency Project

Our original concept was much larger than just building a basic website. The theoretical next steps to The Transparency Project would be to collaborate, automate, and alleviate. We would work with international and local health organizations to gather even more data and provide resources for containment and prevention/vaccine research. We would improve our system to automatically update supply shipments instead of requiring manual maintenance; likewise, we would enhance interactive experience by including a search engine for the tracker map. Communication-wise, we hope to translate a more polished version of our website into the most popular world languages and raise awareness across the globe. And finally, with any luck, our website would transparently educate audiences on the Coronavirus and generate funding towards mitigating this problem.

Contact info for donations: Jingyi Wan 478-228-5856

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