We have too much traffic jam in our cities, and pollution from car traffic. And we have need for social integration of social week parts of the population. Partly disabled persons (gradert uføre), healthy senior citizens (friske pensjonister) which are looking for something meaningfull to do, and lonesome persons (statistics says thats about 16% of adult population in Norway faces lonelyness issues).

What it does

1) We offer green transportation services to the citizens: cargo bike transport on demand, ride sharing (f.x. driving kids groups to soccer training, minibus on demand etc.)

2) The public government gets a platform where they can systematically get gradually disabled person back into the labour marked (arbeidstrening, attføring)

3) Private enterprises can buy on a grand scale transport services, and give them as an incentive to their employees. Som its a win-win situation: greener transportation, more social inclusion, and social/environmental responsibility for private enterprises.

How I built it

Frontend: a web platform for the customer to book services, and a GIS system and more as backend for coordinating data / coordinatng the different public stakeholders, as welfare agency, public transport authority etc.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating enough public data sets

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The combination of environmental effects (greener transportation) and social effects (better social inclusion)

What I learned

Its essential to create win-win-situations for all involved stakeholders

What's next for The together project

Connect to social welfare agency (NAV) and public mobility authorities (RUTER etc)

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