Inspired by retro-style platform games from the last decades, The Tiny Giant stays truthful to the very concepts that this never-dying genre of games is built upon.

What it does

The game itself has many chapters each unique with its own levels and themes, basically a chaotic fast-paced hardcore challenge.

How I built it

Built with: Construct (Engine): HTML5/JS Porting: Cordova (Mobile platforms) Netlify: Hosting

Challenges I ran into

We've faced some hardships in the creation of this project, most of which were related to finances.

  • Marketing Strategy: Due to limited resources, planning & excuting a marketing plan was very difficult since what we could do was tightly bound by our funds.

  • Perfomence/ JS & HTML5 Limits: Due to targeting multiple platforms, we had to make compromises with the physics engine and visuals since the project is very resources intensive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The game has been submitted to numerous competitions and events and have been honored with the following titles:

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup (Games Category): National Finalist
  • International Mobile Gaming Awards MENA: Excellence in Gameplay | Winner
  • Algeria Game Challenge : Jury Honorable Mention
  • Appodeal Indie Blast Off: Nominee
  • Algeria Web Awards (Game Category): Nominee

What I learned

  • Handling presure, deadlines and heavy workload.
  • Running marketing campaigns for a product.
  • Planning release cycles.

What's next for The Tiny Giant

The game is due to some content updates and potentially expanding to other platforms.

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