We were inspired by the beauty of marine wildlife to capture their image in their natural environment and immortalize them on the internet. We were also influenced by that one friend who always seems to intrude on your 'couple time' by following you around everywhere. The Third Wheel is intended to be a portable, rugged device that stealthily captures the life of fish, being the proverbial 'third wheel' in the fishes' life.

What it does

The Third Wheel is an autonomous underwater observation station, intended for use in a fishery/aquarium or in the open ocean. The Third Wheel can be placed in the water, and will measure temperature and record video in live time. When connected to the internet, the gathered temperature data and video can be streamed locally and uploaded onto a website where it can be accessed by the general public.

How we built it

A water tight vessel is used to contain all hardware used in our solution. We used a battery powered Raspberry Pi 3 as our base processor to record and interface all data. A high-temperature RTD temperature sensor is attached to the Raspberry Pi and externally extends outside of the watertight vessel to measure the temperature data. A Logitech Webcam is used to record live video, or take photographs of marine life. Python scripts amalgamate the temperature readings into a local data file. This file is also uploaded onto our web interface via node.js. The web interface is created with bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for The Third Wheel

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