When we first started we were all interested in transhumanism, but when we realized that putting all of the necessary components under skin wouldn't be that practical, we decided on a bracelet that could accomplish almost all of the same tasks but would be much more feasible.

What it does

The Thicc Bit monitors various aspects of the persons health, like pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and glucose levels. It then sends that information to a website which the information is put into a formation more easily readable like a graph that doctors and the patient can see to monitor their health overtime and to make sure their condition is getting better. It also can have a micro needle patch added for diabetic people which would react when there is too much glucose in the blood stream and would release insulin in order to make sure the patient doesn't get sick.

How I built it

We didn't build a physical design here because we didn't have almost any of the parts needed for it, but we did create a CAD model of what it would be and design of how it would work. We also created the website for the Thicc Bit.

Challenges I ran into

When designing the Thicc Bit in CAD, we had lots of problems because none of us knew any CAD. We worked together, researched online, and got help from another team to learn how to make our design inCAD.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to do lots of research and design an actual product that could helps lots of people and even though we couldn't build it physically we were able to create a very good and realistic design.

What I learned

We learned a lot at the Hackathon. John and Ivan learned a lot about Programming, and they started not knowing much at all. All of us learned how to use CAD since we all had to work together to figure out how to use CAD.

What's next for The Thicc Bit

There is still a lot of improvement to be done for The Thicc Bit. We would want to eventually make an app that could track the data on the app for easy access and it could alert the wearer if something is wrong like their blood pressure or glucose levels are too high.

Built With

  • cad
  • website
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