The goal is to figure out the rules for Swiss system tournaments.

A web app should help with the organisation:

  • Players must be registered and can play singles, doubles or mixed doubles
  • Details about the tournament's location, number of courts available etc
  • First round set up
  • Re-schedule next round of matches based on the rules of the Swiss system
  • Decide the winner after x rounds of playing

Webapp will be built with a Spring Boot Kotlin backend and a Vuejs frontend. Some datastore (preferably nosql, which one to be decided)

What's next for The Swiss system

First focus will be on features for the tournament's organiser Next some player centered features might be interesting:

  • a mobile app showing the playing schedule
  • push notifications when to play on which court
  • player statistics

Maybe figure out if something like this could be hosted somewhere very cheap.

Built With

  • kotlin
  • vuejs
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