Today, we’re going to be joining our friend Arjun on a financial journey. Arjun is a recent CS grad from a mid-tier university and has just gotten a job as a software developer. Out of school, he’s getting paid 75k a year. Arjun isn’t a big numbers guy, but knows that if he invests right he can accumulate his wealth fast - he’s even heard from some Youtube video he can’t remember that he could become a millionaire by age 40. Yet there’s one thing people like Arjun tend to forget.

Put your money where your mouth is. On the side, Arjun attends all the climate strikes, turns off the lights when he leaves any room, and recycles extensively. But when Arjun invests in mutual funds with his 401, he doesn’t know where his money is really going. It’s about to go straight into the deep pockets of the fossil fuel industry.

We built a web-based software solution from the ground up for anyone like Arjun, to break down personal finances and investing, and to offer him ‘green’ investment options like top rated ETF’s and mutual funds, so that Arjun is investing in both his future - and the planet’s.

Protip: With our investment advice, Arjun will be a green millionaire by age 40.

How we built it

We built this website for Arjun using to collaborate simultaneously on the front end. We built the flask python file structure using sublime and sublime merge.

Challenges we ran into

Learning new skills - 2 of our 3 team members were relatively inexperienced, but grew tremendously over the course of this one hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A slick front end with some cool animations A cool backend that does some neat API grabs & scraping

What we learned

API calls, scraping, Bootstrap, and lots more!

What's next for The Sustainable Wealth Initiative

Permanent hosting at a domain - added flexibility in building investment portfolios and with the function and the numbers, a better UI, faster scraping / more efficient & less roundabout API calls / backend work in general.

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