Recycling provides new raw materials and contributes to saving energy. Today the recycling industry provides half of the world's raw materials. Recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than goods produced from virgin metal. Our Online store will not only help us manage E-waste but it will also help us fight the climate crisis on a bigger scale. The Sustainable store is a major stepping stone in our fight against the climate crisis. Managing, segregating and recycling our waste will help us achieve a green future.

What it does

The Sustainable store is an online platform where the users can earn points by giving out their E-waste to our store officials. The points earned can be used to buy recycled products from our website which is made from e-waste collected from our users. The E-waste will be collected from the user’s house. The user has to give his/her address so that our officials can go and collect the waste from their houses. After E-waste collection the users can use the earned points to shop recycled products made from e-waste from our Sustainable store.

How we built it

We have built our website template using an online site builder and worked on its UI so that users are attracted to our website. We added different features for the user. The user can give their e-waste for collection and buy recycled products made from e-waste.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we faced are:

  • Figuring out an effective and easy way of e waste collection where people can give out their e-waste without leaving their houses.
  • Secondly, choosing the products that can be made out of the e-waste collected. -Lastly, we had to figure out the admin side dashboard of the website which would handle user requests pertaining to e waste pick up and order of products.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the website we have built is user friendly and easy to use. It’s an easy process for E-waste collection. People can give out their E-waste without leaving their houses. People will be motivated to give out their e-waste as they will earn points. They can use those points to buy recyclable products which are made by local craftsman and workers from E-waste. This will help generate employment to local craftsmen and workers who are struggling to earn their early wages due to the ongoing pandemic.

What we learned

We learnt how to develop our thought process towards fighting climate crisis with the additional aspect of users benefitting from giving away their e-waste. We understood the working of the e-commerce business model which enabled us to architect our website in similar fashion.

What's next for The Sustainable Store

We can make more changes to our website. If we get the right funding for our site then we will be able to collect more E-waste from our users and fight the climate crisis on a larger scale.

Built With

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