Inspiration We were inspired by the spirit of adventure and teamwork, paired with an ancient Mayan aesthetic

What it does This is a three player co-op game in which there are three roles. There is the decipherer, the scout, and the builder. The decipherer must decode ancient texts to tell the scout which tile to step on. The scout must step on the correct symbol while avoiding the pitfalls created by the enemy Surevillant robot. The builder in turn rebuilds the stage as it crumbles apart. The decipherer represents intelligence, the scout represents speed, and the builder represents strength. These three components together make up the necessary skills to pass the ancient trials and survive the Surveillant's laser attacks as he guards the temple.

How we built it We built it with Game Maker Studio.

Challenges we ran into We had to create a scenario in which the three players depend on each other and whose roles feed into the others' success.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud that it is all original work (except for music). All characters, assets, gameplay, etc. was created entirely by our team. We are proud that it is a complete and playable demo in such a short amount of time. We're proud that we successfully created a symbiotic, multiplayer experience that encourages teamwork and communication skills.

What we learned We learned to delegate roles, and how to establish a feasible product with a limited amount of time and resources which was extremely valuable and a first for all of us.

What's next for The Surveillant To infinity and beyond! ;)

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