Managing churn is a huge part of growing SaaS businesses. Support and account management departments have to provide the best service possible, which requires learning about and understanding specific customers, even those that they haven’t seen before.

The Support Cooperative allows companies to pool together their support knowledge and see past ticket histories for an email. Support agents can see the disposition and sentiment of past support tickets, from all companies that are in their pool. Agents rate support tickets once finished, and that information is anonymously shared.

The Support Cooperative allows for better understanding of customers that may have never been seen before.

Leverage the power of your company’s network with The Support Cooperative.


Having low churn is one of the largest means of success for growing SaaS companies. Usually, this means providing excellent customer facing services like support, implementations, and account management. However, the individual personality and experiences of users is going to shape future support conversations. This takes time for a company to build up, and can lead to frustration. The Support Cooperative allows companies to opt-in to sharing their support information with each other through very general and semi-anonymous terms. Providing this information in Zendesk view for their agents to quickly digest and understand the user on the other end.

What it does

It provides a disposition for an individual that comes in through a Zendesk ticket (positive, neutral, negative), as well as their history of support tickets at the user's company and companies in the cooperative.

How I built it

The Support Cooperative is built on top of the SAP Secure Graph database utilizing interesting relationship objects like "City, Order, and Product". These ecommerce terms map into support terms like "Company, user, and ticket". There is a thin API wrapper on top of the SAP Secure Graph, and a Google Chrome extension consumes that API to provide data right into a Zendesk dashboard.

Challenges I ran into

Mapping a system that wasn't meant for this use case was interesting. That type of thought process is what I love about hackathons and thinking outside the box was definitely of use here.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Went solo and produced a great working project on top of a system that I've never seen or used before.

Contending For

  • SAP Hybris Prize - This is an extremely interesting and novel use of the hybris secure graph. That has to be worth something
  • Radix Domain Prize - supportcooperative.online is such a hipster name that it's deserving of its own prize
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