What really inspired us was the real shift we see nowadays towards online shopping. We initially wanted to create a virtual fitting room which would show a realistic look of the clothes in an augmented reality framework. That idea revealed itself to be too complex for a 24h project, so we decided to create a virtual stylist instead.

What it does

Based on an uploaded picture from the client, the website would give recommendations based on their body shape. Furthermore, when browsing through a catalog, the client can set preferences towards the style of clothes they are looking for.

How I built it

Using wrench AI, we figured out the distances between the joints, and retrieved the necessary data concerning body proportions to deliver personalized styling advice.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for The Style Room

Next, we would like to realize our first idea about the fitting room where we would do a realistic virtual fitting room where users can see what they look like in the clothes they want to buy. Moreover, using the information from the user about their body shape by taking a picture of themselves, and their personal preferences about clothing, we would use this information for our styling room. The styling room will be within our fitting room and it will complement it.

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