I wanted to make an app that would generate entire workout programs for myself, because I often plateau on strength gains despite having a solid idea of what I want to do in my daily workouts.

What it does

My app will generate up to 6 week long workout programs for you - this can be generic/random, specified to a workout style, or extremely specific down. If a user enters their current max weights that they can lift my app will generate up to a six week long program tailored to your workout style with the amount of weight to use, the sets to do, and the reps to complete along with rest time between sets and calories to eat on a daily basis, which will all be based off user inputs. The user will be able to print all the programs they generate in a easy to read format. You will also be able to track your routines, your milestones (progress of your bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.), and also calculate the amount of calories you should eat for weight gain, weight maintenance, and weight loss, as well as track all your calories/weight loss journey. Finally, it will be a source for all things fitness using an array of Fitness and Workout API's.

How I built it

I am currently building this app using .NET MVC, C#, Razor, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, and CSS

Built With

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