You can read about stories, but silent words can never carry emotions in the way that a voice does. You might have a very personal story that you want to share, but you want to preserve your anonymity. Maybe you are curious about how things were in a different time, or what it was like to live through a major event. The Stories Of is a platform where anyone can share their personal stories, and learn about others. Just like you would go to the library to read about the world, The Stories Of is a library of human experiences.

What it does

The Stories Of is a platform where you can submit or read real stories from real people. When you contribute a story, you can do so in the format of audio, video, and or text. When you want to listen to a story, you can search for stories of a specific subject and or time, or just browse the library. You can like and comment on the stories.

How we built it

We used Wix Code to build a beautiful website with minimal time and added a little Google Translate for extra functions.

Challenges we ran into

Wix's Website Editor doesn't allow more than one user per project at a time, making it very hard to work as a team. Also, we were often limited by what we can do with Wix without a premium account. We couldn't even bypass the problem by implementing the desired feature ourselves because we didn't have access to the source code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We discovered the amazing capabilities that Wix Code offer: a few clicks replaces lines of code.

What's next for The Stories Of

Not having Wix premium has heavily limited us in our implementation. Eventually, we want to offer our users the features (ex: recording and uploading audio from mobile) that we have omitted in this version of The Stories Of.

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