We wanted to create a centralized market place for people to buy and sell hackathon stickers.

What it does

Unlike traditional e-commerce market spaces, our web app is a stock exchange where the underlying assets are hackathon stickers. Prices of stickers are driven up and down by bids and offers, all of which are shown in real-time.

How we built it

Our App is hosted on Heroku and Flask. The backend is coded in Python and makes API calls both to our own database on Heroku and Capital One's database on MongoDB in order to reflect price movements and client account balance change. We implemented algorithms to enable order-matching, execution, and market price calculation. We also have bots simulating real-life trading volumes & activities.

Challenges we ran into

On top of having three out of the four people on our team with little to no background in finacne, we also experienced issues when writing our own APIs and making API calls. Furthermore, order-matching algorithms turned out to be a lot more complicated than we originally envisioned. We also faced challenges when designing valuation methods for stickers, as they are not traditional assets and cannot be priced/valuated in the traditional way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the extent to which our app mimics actual trading platforms. Three of our hackers don't have any background in finance so it was really impressive how our team picked up the concepts so quickly.

What we learned

We learned some really cool, out-of-the-box ways of designing databases and algorithms, as well as Trading 101.

What's next for The Sticker Exchange

Anything and everything has a market, and that's where TSE will be: as long as there is supply and demand for an asset, we will make a market place for it no matter how unconventional it is.

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