we don't like flagging down vendors at the stadium and having it be disorganized-or they can't hear you etc

What it does

allows for patrons to flag vendors and send a message containing their order-the vendor accepts the message and then can see where the patron is sitting so that he can go deliver the food. The program targets the closest vendor to the patron. Patron can also see restrooms and other amenities. The app updates every 30 seconds so that the user can see the progress of the vendor towards him.

How we built it

with the programs aforementioned

Challenges we ran into

the icons were not showing up on the map-and if they were they were showing up in the wrong locations

Accomplishments that we're proud of

rather precise geolocation-we fixed the icon problems

What we learned

more experience using angular.js

What's next for The Stadium Uber

We are not sure yet- perhaps add distances between vendors and users

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