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I first learned about the interaction of light and matter by burning chemical samples in a flame in elements in the components in 7th grade science class. The color of the flame indicated a representative spectrum of the compound. With a carefully made catalog of spectra, the elemental composition of stars thousands to billions of light years away can be determined. I still find this an amazing and fascinating aspect of the universe. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my app filled with the wonders of the universe thanks to all the hard work by NIST, and scientist and engineer around the world.

What it does

I’m excited to submit my first Android app to the NIST Reference Data Challenge. The SRD Handbook is a quick reference guided to the:

• CODATA Fundamental Physical Constants (NIST SRD 121) which contains reference data fundamental constants. • Ground Levels and Ionization Energies for the Neutral Atoms (NIST SRD 111) which contains data on ground levels and ionization energies for neutral atoms. • Atomic Weights and Isotopic Compositions (NIST SRD 144) which contains data on the relative mass of each atomic mass, and relative abundance of the element for lab samples.

The SRD Handbook also provides links to all the eligible Standard Reference Data at NIST websites for easy access to information if is needed.

Lastly, the About section describes the app.

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