Inspired by the specs

What it does

Real time social network mobile app for rental apartment buildings

How I built it

Meteor JS + React JS

Challenges I ran into

These are bleeding edge technologies that I wanted to put together for a project, the hackathon challenge was a good opportunity. As I had a lot of time constraints during the weekend and couldn't commit to a team, I decided to take the challenge alone and opted for MaterializeCSS for the front-end mobile look'n'fell. It was my first time working with it and it has a lot of limitations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working on a project using ReactJS and MeteorJS is the thing I'm most proud about. It's very easy now to polish the design of the app.

What I learned

I learned lots of things, mainly about how Meteor works with ReactJS and ReactRouter. Also, I had not used ES6 besides a couple tutorials and it was really nice to learn it for good.

What's next for The Social Strata

There are a couple of unmarked checkboxes in the file that lists a lot of next steps. Design polishing, push notifications and picture uploads are a few to mention.

Built With

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