The social contours project is powered by the community. A public health questionnaire taken up by the community to unlock sociological risk factors guided by a deep understanding of this, or indeed any other contagion, is the key. This deep dive study, completed in about 15 minutes and delivered through an online application, allows us provide a behavioral or lifestyle risk assessment. As more people in the community complete it, further information gathered from the study allows us to define the social contours, or safe zones of disease in a real-time or dynamic sense, and allow all people to interact safely, within their communities and with commerce. The social contours project will open up society and the economy in a phased response that is driven by societal and epidemiological metrics. From our research, and the backing of USask Community Health and Epidemiology Department in the College of Medicine, we know this is the only safe way to lead society back to normal.

Guided by epidemiological indicators, navigating the social contours of COVID19 would be phased in over months, possibly years. We could continue to maintain a safe distance and work with local public health to mitigate and contain the virus while charting the path to resume our normal lives. The online web application and mapping would also designate safe sites in regions, cities, counties and countries, in full compliance with local public health, and sensitive to local cultural characteristics. Our research and publishing shows that the virus is moving along these cultural contours, and the Social Contours Project allows us to exploit those contours of disease to reunite society and reinvigorate the economy. The Social Contours application is powered by community response to the questionnaire, empowering us to take back the very life and society that makes us a united world.


Our inspiration is to end the lockdown and move forward!

What it does

A web application to provide a survey of sociological factors and risk factors for the contagion to define where the disease is and the safe zones, or social contours of the disease.

How I built it

The application is built in Typeform and the questionnaire was originally done in google documents

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was to overcome the visualization of data collected. We attacked this with several excellent data specialists and

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So proud of our team and how far we took this project in such a short time

What I learned

I learned a lot about data processing and visualizations that are possible

What's next for The Social Contour Project

We are ready to collect data and seek funding to support our data collection, data analysis, and web and application development and open platform system.

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