Background & Idea

Our web app is built on the core concept that people should connect with one another in the simplest way possible. We know that our most valuable time with others is when we meet face-to-face, yet in the modern age, we do not all have fitting schedules for hangouts. One of my teammates and I have the same exact problem. Although we can talk via social media, text messaging, or even phone, it is very difficult for us to mutually come up with a time to meet, since neither of us always knows how our schedule will look like. Thus, we wanted to create a more convenient way for users to communicate, especially for those who seek light-weighted, less-time-consuming apps, like college students or professionals.


The Social Calendar allows users to solve this problem with one button click. The user only need to click the status button to display whether he/she is available at the time, and in the same time the user can also view his/her friends' availability through the "Friends" panel. The app also incorporates a Google Calendar add-on that lets the users to import their plans from or to add events into their Google Calendars. Future implementations for the app include simple messaging & location sharing using the Layer API, and push notifications regarding friends' availability. We hope that The Social Calendar will bring people closer together, one schedule at a time.

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