The Snack Neutralizer is a tool designed to be used in the classroom. The purpose of the site is to open up student’s eyes to the consequences, both good and bad, associated with what they eat. As a teacher I have used this in my class with incredible and unexpected result. The challenge is to be ‘snack neutral’. You may choose your snack, however you must work it off over the course of the day. Certain snacks can be worked off during recess, other take a lot more. The snack neutralizer is a tool that can be useful to anyone wanting to know more about the nutritional value of the foods they eat. The Snack Neutralizer is 4 tools in 1.Find out the calorie count and nutritional value of any food you consume.  Given a specified food how much of a given activity will it take to burn those calories. Find out food high in a given nutrient. You may limit this search to specific food group. Finally find food high in a nutrient and low in a second nutrient. For example foods high in protein and low in total fat. This search may also be limited to specific food groups.

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