During finals last semester, I constantly had people come up to me (particularly in AP Statistics, where many had borderline grades) and ask me to calculate what they needed on the final to get an A. I would pull out my calculator, and go through task of plugging in all the numbers. People who found out they could fail the final and still be fine sat back and enjoyed their newly-freed weekend. Others discovered that they needed to study a lot harder than they originally planned.

How it works

By asking simple and straightforward questions, our application is able to derive all the necessary information to calculate what our users need on their final exams. In addition, there is no need to for users to select between confusing categories based off of their teacher’s grading style: The Smart Slacker selects what to ask based on their previous answers.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the front- and back-end code was by far the most challenging aspect of creating the application. There was one user input we were not able get for the longest time -- turns out, the text input had the same ID as another text input in another division, and that caused errors and confusion.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud that we were able to get the main functionality of the application completed within hours of starting, and could utilize the rest of the time to beautify our user interface (something we usually struggle with) and start to design and create a much more automated future for the application.

What I learned

We learned that simplicity is quite difficult to achieve. Interpret as you will.

What's next for The-Smart-Slacker-Final-Grade-Calculator

We’re currently working on making The Smart Slacker more automatic: a program that is able to extract your grades (i.e. all the information to input) directly from a spreadsheet. In the future, we hope to extend this ability to directly extract grades from Schoolloop, a grades software that many schools utilize. Using Cordova, we will soon convert our app into an APK and launch it on Google Play.

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