Provide musical experience for those who are hard of hearing.

What it does

Plays a music stream provided by IHeartMedia API causing vibrational feedback on a glove connected to an Arduino!

How we built it

We added motors to each of the fingers on a black glove. The motors received feedback from the aux chord connected to a music source.

We build an Amazon Alexa skill that would send the music stream to a computer

Challenges we ran into

Having the Amazon Alexa skill, run the script that made the calls to the API, and play the music for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The glove works, the script and API requests work, the Amazon Alexa responds to our intents!

What we learned

How to run bash scripts in Python. How to set up an Amazon Alexa skill. How to feed auxiliary feed back into an Arduino.

What's next for The Smart Glove

Commercial free subscription based service.

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