Ever been sitting at your desk for hours and realise you've been hunched over the entire time? The Slouch Eradicator is the thing for you! It's easy to sit straight when you're thinking about it, but how many times have we looked up from the screen to find time has flown by and there's an ache in your neck? By monitoring your position and providing helpful stats, the Eradicator helps you to gradually improve your posture over time.

What it does

The posture correctors on the market right now are elastic-based and the only feedback you get is through the pressure on your skin. The Slouch Eradicator solves this issue, giving you real-time feedback on your posture and helpful stats so that you can track your progress over time. Simply slip on the sexy CreatED hackathon t-shirt, and the microbits will do the rest!

How I built it

Making use of the accelerometer in the micro:bits, we use the handy inbuilt radio functionality to wirelessly send your posture data to a central micro:bit. We use serial to load that data onto processor in real time and analyse it. We begin with a calibration phase, where the monitor asks you to sit comfortably straight, then it compares it with your shoulder angle for the rest of the day, giving you real time feed back for when you are in the slouch "danger zone". Finally your summary stats are provided.

Challenges I ran into

It's been a crazy ride! For four of the five members of the team, this was our first hackathon. We had a lot to learn. None of us had used microbits before, and combining python with their bluetooth functionality proved complex, leading to our use of serial instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From start to end. We've built a great proof of concept from scratch and are

What I learned

A great deal about posture!

What's next for The Slouch Eradicator

More accelerometers added to track spine curve for greater slouch detection accuracy. A cleaner UI, with real time moving graphs. Haptic feedback, to gently nudge you back into alignment.

Built With

  • micro:bit
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