My Mom likes to go to sleep listening to TED Talks. But often, the talks are so exciting that they don't help her go to sleep. They keep her up! So, I thought: what is the most boring thing that one can listen to, and I thought: the low voice of a man reading something about taxes, and the voice fades away gradually.

What it does

It reads a piece of tax legislation in the voice of a man, and t he voice very slowly fades away.

How I built it

It was a simple skill to build. Audio that starts playing, and that then pauses to ask the user very gently if they are still there.

Challenges I ran into

The 90 second limitation is too short. I wish we could do like 3 minutes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea and its simplicity.

What I learned

I learned that if you pay attention to the circumstances, you can come up with ideas that are useful.

What's next for The Sleeping Bill

A lot more variation of what the skill says. Also, we want to find a way to play a stream of audio that is more than 90 seconds.

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