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Sometimes we (as ambitious college students) have lots of goals in mind but don't take the necessary steps to make progress towards them.

What it does

This mobile app allows you to be more mindful of your goals and helps keep you motivated by providing quotes and inspirational stories relating to the goals you've inputted. It also helps you visualize the ~space~ of all your goals while also zooming in to specific ones to focus on.

How we built it

We began building this app using React Native. The app features a few simple screens, and has the potential for several API integrations like Typeform for goal information collection and YouTube for displaying relevant motivational video clips.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some unexpected challenges with the API integrations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the idea we came up with and how we were able to incorporate some fun aesthetics!

What we learned

We learned about the basics of building an app with React Native (the barebones structure), and the general difficulties of embedding with external APIs. We also got to experiment around with some UI/UX by thinking about the design of the app and how it could fit the theme of the hackathon!

What's next for The Sky's The Limit

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