Game inspired by RainWorld and Turtle Tale (3DS Homebrew)

How we built it

We used the love-2D framework for Lua

Challenges we ran into

Setting up a testing environment for the 3DS homebrew took almost all of our time. It took a while for us to establish what we wanted for aesthetic and design to start the art.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to get a testing environment set up and the art assets that we completed despite all the set backs we ran into.

What we learned

We learned that making a game takes a lot of planning, communication, and positivity. Also the 3DS homebrew development is significantly more complicated than a regular 2D video game.

What's next for The Silent Mangrove

We will continue to work on the development of the game, adding more art and sound assets, level designs and concepts, entities, and storyline.

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