Inspiration: The inspiration came from the game that me and my friends used to play when we were little. I want to create my own games as in our childhood memories.

What it does: It is a game in which users strive to avoid the obstacles laying ahead by controlling the direction of their ship.

How I built it: Part of the program came from cocos 2dx, and for the main function and the paintings, I built them on my own.

Challenges I ran into: I was very unfamiliar with the use of Javascript, and sometimes I was unable to connect parts of our function together as a whole. The main function, which was used to control the direction of the ship, was so hard to write so the I have to seek some help from very experienced programmers and eventually figured out my mistakes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I ultimately created a small game, and it can actually work.

What I learned: I learned how to program using Javascript, and how game designing was supposed to work.

What's next for The Ship Wreck,“Friendship”: I will try to build better animations and sound effects. Besides, I might later make it a game for multiple players to play and interact so that it can be more enjoyable.

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