Our inspiration for this project stemmed through the theme of the project. We were given a demo program and were asked to predict the sentiments of a given data set of tweets. The name was inspired by the great Safwan.

What it does

Our project helps to determine whether the tweet's are either positive( indicated by a 1) or negative (indicated by a 0). When given the data to our machine, it can predict whether the machine is positive or negative.

How I built it

We were able to build this program by using the given demo which helped to train and test the machine. We used python skleaner and pandas to help create this. Also, textblob was used.

Challenges I ran into

Honestly this entire project was challenging, especially since we both had no knowledge of AI or machine learning before this. The demo and resources given helped to understand many aspects of this project. Also, getting an accuracy higher than 78% was really difficult and we were having trouble getting a better accuracy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An accomplishment I'm proud of is being able to create this entire program. Doing this project with no prior knowledge was extremely difficult and I'm proud to be able to say that I completed this.

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