We were inspired to create The Senate Stalker because the Earth is slowly being destroyed, and it'll be extremely difficult to save it unless the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world votes to take action.

The Senate Stalker provides helpful reminders via Twitter to U.S. senators who have made choices that prevent the government from addressing climate breakdown. Every week, each senator who voted against the Green New Deal resolutions will receive a very friendly tweet informing them about the yearly increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Our application utilizes the “CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide” dataset published by datopian, and extracts data about the parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The Senate Stalker compares the current date’s atmospheric CO2 level to that of the previous year on the same date. The Senate Stalker then uses the Twitter API and Tweepy library and, across the first four days of every week, will automatically tag and personally tweet each senator who voted against the Green New Deal resolutions with a helpful reminder of the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, with the goal that these senators will eventually take action to address the climate crisis as it becomes more and more dire.

None of our team members have coded a project like this in Python, or have had experience using APIs, so we had to experience the learning curve with both of those things in a very accelerated way. This definitely had its challenges, but we learned a ton and had a lot of fun in the process.

Our team is proud of the fact that we were able to teach ourselves what we needed to know to create The Senate Stalker, and that we were able to finish a working demo in the very limited timeframe (and that we were able to dab on the haters).

Through creating The Senate Stalker, our team has learned a great deal about coding in Python, specifically creating and manipulating dataframes. This is all of our first experiences utilizing APIs, and creating The Senate Stalker has really opened our eyes to the world of using data in coding projects. We've also learned about the whole process of creating a Twitter bot using the Tweepy library in Python.

The Senate Stalker intends to become the wealthiest entity on the planet, due to the large influx of cash donations after its unveiling following EarthxHack 2020.

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