An UGC metaverse game can bring a large and active community to Near and Aurora network. An airdrop tool could be a perfect bridge between high value blockchain users and Near network.

What it does

The Second Planet is an UGC metaverse game, where players creat, discover, interact with others, fight PvE & PvP battles, or explore the world while farming & crafting. It combines stablecoin, guild-Fi, IGO and DEX.

We try to build this metaverse game on Aurora network and create a tool to bring high value blockchain users to Near and Aurora.

How we built it

  1. Search users' behavior, transactions and transaction amount on applications such as sushiswap, uniswap, opensea or dydx from The Graph on-chain data;
  2. Curators can Airdrop NFTs to the qualified wallet addresses whose owners have traded on sushiswap, uniswap, opensea or dydx; Those NFTs could be equipment or avatar in the NEAR metaverse, say the Second Planet;
  3. For on-chain credentials, curators can contribute with subgraph queries or static snapshots.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The Second Planet has the ability to run on relatively low-powered smart phones and PCs.
  2. We build an airdrop tool which could find high value target blockchain users;

What's next for The Second Planet

  1. The Second Planet plans to develop a stablecoin backed by Multi Collateral Pool (MCP) and make it suitable for cross chain metaverse payments or as a collateral instrument.

  2. By running node servers, users can collectively secure the proper functioning of the Game Engine. This pattern ensures the Second Planet to be a Distributed Open Metaverse, not owned by a single company nor be shut down due to any individual decision.

BTW, we are recruiting. Please leave feedback below or drop a line at Thank you.

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