-We wanted to create a game where people can play a game to pass time while being challenged to think about the different words in the English dictionary

What it does

-A game where the user requests a challenging word from the Natural Language Tool Kit dictionary that has been scrambled and must be decrypted by the user

How we built it

-We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for our frontend -Python, NLTK, and JSON for our back end -Utilized Flask to intertwine front and back end

Challenges we ran into

-Don't know languages other than C++ or Python -Had trouble setting up flask and getting the specific output we wanted

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We were able to code in languages and concepts we were unfamiliar with -Able to create a full stack application with python, HTML, and JavaScript

What we learned

-Exposed to utilizing git and terminal -Gained hands on experience on how front and back end development functions in a program -How to create servers using flasks -Learned new languages such as HTML and JavaScript!

What's next for The Scrambler

-Want to create it on an app on the phone so users can play on the go!

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