Around 200 millions kids around the world receive low to nil quality education years. The problem gets more acute in terms of early child education, where the children from the bottom of the pyramid develop word gaps and learning insufficiencies. Looking at the statistics of US, fewer than a third of 4 year olds are enrolled in high quality pre-school program.

To address this problem, we are creating The School of Games, which is a personalized school for every child around the world especially children at the bottom of the pyramid who don’t receive quality education. We will leverage the key insights to provide personalized learning experience by adapting to each child's learning ability.

TSOG is an open source analytics platform for educational games where indie game developers make the games to deliver the learning outcomes we curate in collaboration with educators and different stakeholders. Using the principles of neuroscience, some of the common outcomes would be their level of attention, memory, multi-tasking for the development of their curious minds.

Through the platform we also want to aid the teachers to get feedback in real time about the progress of the students so that they can be directed to poor performing kids who needs special attention and send them a report via email about the class.

Using the data we collect, we also want to tap into the data science community to help us identify patterns in learning to improve design for the games.

We are building this using the open source game engine, cocos2d which enables us to make cross platform games that run on any device from laptops to tablets using the same javascript code. This allows us give cheap refurbished tablets with our platform on it.

We are going to reach these students by partnering with NGOs, schools and other government agencies like SFUSD who have access to the these students and are looking for quality content.

The games are free for everyone around the world, but the insights and personalized tracking is how we make revenue to sustain our business.

Lastly, we are developing a community of educators, developers, designers, parents, ed-techs, schools and educational agencies who would together brainstorm to create educational methodologies which ensure learning and harnesses a child's creativity. This ecosystem would be called the

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