The main purpose of changes we introduced was provide easier manage automatically created tasks by The Scheduler for users.

We understand problem when some issues get lost in backlog among of hundred other tasks. We face up to users and allow them set initial issue status and put the tasks there where they want.

We realized that current user interface is not most clearly for users, so it was second thing which we introduce to easier managing and review recurring tasks.

What it does

The set initial issue status feature allows to set the status in Scheduled Issue in which Jira issue will be created. It allows to set tasks into correct columns in Kanban board eg. ‘Selected for Development’ on Scheduled Issues

New view using fewer elements and fewer requests - resulting in page speed up and better user experience. actions are grouped correctly.

Refresh the whole user interface is breaking change for current application users, so the intro guide has been added. The guide with step by step overview of the possible actions. It helps for existing users to transition to new UI, for new users it’s a great UX feature allowing to learn about app in few slides.

How we built it

The above changes we introduced to existing application, which is created using Atlassian Connect Spring Boot Framework. Most of done work has been implemented on the frontside, so the Atlaskit library was very helpful to build user interface similar to Atlassian's products.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest thing to do was, realize what the refreshed user interface should contain. It's not straight task, the perfect user interface should not overwhelm users, but still be easy to use and provide all required actions.

To rise the challenge, we tried to understand what parts of current application UI are the most important for the users and how the users use our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that new features allow our users to reduce the burden of maintaining the backlog. They are also being able to manage recurring tasks faster, because of refurbished UI that we've introduced.

What we learned

The thing we learned is not exactly new programming knowledge, it was something more important. We learned to understand need users of application we are creating. This skill will allow us understand the application users and provide them features dreamed of.

What's next for The Scheduler

In the next releases we plan to improve a bit new UI and focus on migrator between Jira Server and Cloud, which has high priority.

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posted an update

Our 1st part of planned development "Ability to set initial issue status" was released public on 2020-06-23. It is a feature allowing to Schedule Jira issue in desired status, huge time saver, great with kanban boards. It also adds a "shortcut" for our users using app as a template tool - now, when you have template for task which is to be create manually, when you use the Execute button - it will be in correct status e.g "In progress" More about it here:

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